Siren Head Game: Haunted House Escape

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This is a Horror Escape Siren Head Game, you and your friend find yourself stranded in a scary haunted area when your car breaks down, so you go inside Scary Haunted House after finding key, then scary Siren Head comes and gets you in this Haunted House Adventure Game with Horror Escape.You start with hands shown tied in front, find a piece of broken glass in the haunted room and Siren Head is outside, pick it up to do horror escape from rope.

Run to main door of scary house and find it needs a character password, 1 key and number pin, then scary haunted house Siren Head is coming, run upstairs and hide from her in a room before horror Siren Head catches you. Now you have to find the main door key hidden for haunted house escape, look for the key in the scary room and pick it up. Now go outside and find password hidden on top floor of this haunted house. Go to bottom floor and find friend locked in a cage and horror Siren Head is roaming around in haunted house, be careful and find a small key in bottom floor, use it to free your friend from evil Siren Head in this Haunted House Adventure Game with Horror Escape.

Now look for a broken piece of paper, it will have the number 8 on it, remember for pin of scary house door, then look for a book, pick it and a math problem comes up, solve it for pin number. For final clue of haunted house escape Go to a room where Horror Siren Head is roaming around, pick her bag and see the number 9 on it. Now go to main door and add all the passwords and pin and key to open door of scary haunted house and do horror escape. Siren Head is coming for you, run to garage and find a gun there, then use it to kill the Siren Head or he will get you in this Haunted House Adventure, Siren Head Game.

So, what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW! And play Siren Head Game: Haunted House Escape to experience scary and horror haunted house feel.

Siren Head Game: Haunted House Escape Features:
• Easy and smooth Controls.
• Realistic haunted house simulator
• High-quality Siren Head Character
• Stunning 3D graphics.
• Addictive Gameplay

Let’s see how if u have what it takes to do horror escape in “Siren Head Game: Haunted House Escape”: Enjoy the most anticipated Haunted House game of 2020!
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