Rabbit Genetics

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NOTE: Calculations of animal crossings are being made at the time they are ordered, this is an expensive calculation and some devices with little memory or full memory are left without capacity to perform such calculations, causing an unexpected shutdown of the application.NOTE1: When the application says "Unknown color", it indicates that the application is not able to determine the color, but the color will exist, it may not have it in the database or its internal calculations, the application agglutinates all that it does not know in the entry "Unknown".This version offers several options:- Cross two animals and see the possible combinations that will be obtained with their associated probabilities.- Select a certain color coat and get the crosses that could result in that color, with its probability of appearance.- A genetic calculator that allows us to select the combination of genes we want from two rabbits and cross it to see the possible combinations result with their probabilities.

The 5 most representative genes (A, B, C, D, E) are being taken into account for all calculations, these calculations can be performed even if the genes are unknown.

- List of coatings: It has a list with the most usual varieties of coat and their phenotypes, as well as relevant information about the pattern and color.
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