Other (Stockfish) 64 Engines (OEX)

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64 bits Chess Engines derived of Stockfish

We do not developer/create this Engines, We just compiled/adapted them for android

This Chess Engines app works on your favorite GUI.
One installation works on all our GUIs.

Install engines and run your favorite GUI (Graphical User Interface), chess board.
UnInstall app to remove all engines. Updating the app updates all engines.
Being a library this app does not need has a view/layout, need a Chess Board App.
The engines will appear in the engine list of the GUI

We recommend that you test our updated GUIs:




architectures: arm64-v8a

old release
Engines included: (v20170730)
Aristides 20170209 Michael Byrne, support Limit_Strength (ELO)
BrainFish 20170728 Thomas Zipproth, support Cerebellum book
Cfish 20170619 ChessMan3 , fast engine
CiChess 20170720 Mix of Cfish and Corchess
Corchess 20170725 I. Ivec
McBrain 20170702 Michael Byrne, support Limit_Strength (ELO) and Cerebellum book
Nayeem 20170115 Mohamed Nayeem, support Cerebellum book
SugaR 20170726 Marco Zerbinati

New release
Engines included: (v20180429)
Aristides 20171222 Michael Byrne
BrainFish 20180423 Thomas Zipproth, support Cerebellum book?
Cfish 20180418 ChessMan3 , fast engine
CiChess 20171107 Mix of Cfish and Corchess
Corchess 20180425 I. Ivec
McBrain 20180210 Michael Byrne, support Limit_Strength (ELO)
Nayeem 20170115 Mohamed Nayeem
SugaR 20170424 Marco Zerbinati

Api min 21 (5.0 Lollipop) and support 64 bits Arm instructions

for 32 bits install Other (Stockfish) Engines

There may be problems with chessbase

these engines are on github
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