Lend Helper - Friends & Couples IOU Debt Tracker

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Lend Helper isn't just another debt tracking, manager or IOU app: it focuses specifically on 1-to-1 lend/borrow tracking.

It's built to be the most straightforward, intuitive, user-friendly way to track loans/debts/IOUs between two people.

Lend Helper is perfect for:
- Couples who share relationship costs
- Informal loans and IOUs between friends 
- Friends and colleagues who regularly go to dinner or travel together 
- Roommates/housemates who need to split rent and bills 
- Keeping track of lending and borrowing at parties or on a night out 

Key features:
- Instantly see "who owes who" at a glance
- Record lends, borrows and repayments in seconds, online and offline
- Everything is automatically backed up online, so both members can log in, see who owes who and add transactions
- Fully transparent: prevent disputes and stop stressing about "who owes who"
- Tamper-proof design - once a transaction is created it cannot be removed*
- Track expenses and IOUs in over 150 currencies
- Get notified when a 'transaction' is added
Apps for both IOS and Android.

Lend Helper is new and always looking to improve. We highly value our user's opinions so, if you have any feedback or want a new feature, we'd love to hear from you. You can contact us via the main menu in the app, our website, Facebook page, the Play Store, or simply email [email protected]

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*a transaction may only be removed within 30 minutes of creation and only by the creator.
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