Learn how to read Arabic in 24

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How useful it is to learn Reading and writing in Arabic letters.

Learn how to read and write Arabic while playing games for maximum of 24 hours, also, you will learn reading Arabic numbers in 1 hour maximum.

By being able to read Arabic, you will be able to read full Names of all celebrities, people, Street Signs, Shops, Bus stations, Trademarks, Currencies, international corporations, Hotels, restaurants, etc...

Now with globalization, thousands of words are becoming international and commonly known by all people, words such as checks, taxi, bank, mouse, internet, bank, network, keyboard, Mobile, hotel, cinema, mic, music, drama, action, classic, jacket, T-shirt, countries, towns, Tourists attractions, etc...

With so many words and the ability to write in Arabic, It will be a handy tool to get your massage through more than 1 billion Muslims who use the same letters to read their Quran (holy book), covering more than 26 countries stretching in the Middle east, Iran and Pakistan Just by playing games for few hours and having fun you will open your communication to the massive population and landscape.

We hope you enjoy learning Arabic letters, please send your feed back at [email protected]
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