Knife Rights LegalBlade™ 2.0

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Knife Rights LegalBlade™ App - Knife Laws in America™ - World's First Knife Law App!

Provides guidance at your fingertips to the knife laws of all 50 states and many cities and local jurisdictions in the United States. Knowledge of the law is the first step in avoiding an unfortunate arrest, loss of your knife or other legal complications.


o Includes laws of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, plus many cities
o Geolocation or select State/City via map or menu
o Easy to understand, color-coded tables
o Comprehensive information on the legality of Possession, Open Carry and Concealed Carry for all common knife types
o Includes: length restrictions, age restrictions and other restrictions in the law
o Includes text of state law, plus applicable portions of court decisions that further define what's legal and what's not
o Includes information on elephant, walrus and fossil Ivory bans
o "What To Do If Arrested," by Evan Nappen, noted knife law expert & attorney
o "What To Do If Arrested" provides clear, concise information to protect your rights if you are ever stopped for carrying a knife or arrested for a knife law violation
o "Dollar Bill Ruler" provides quick way to measure approximate knife blade length
o All data maintained on server for instant law updates

The Knife Rights LegalBlade™ App IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE. You must not rely on the information provided by the LegalBlade™ App as an alternative to legal advice from a competent attorney.

This app was updated and is sponsored courtesy of a donation by BLADE HQ to the Knife Rights Foundation. The Knife Rights LegalBlade™ App is provided as a service by the 501(c)(3) Knife Rights Foundation.

Knife Rights is Rewriting Knife Law in America™ and Forging a Sharper Future™ Find out more about Knife Rights at:
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