IndieSquare Wallet

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The token economy in the palm of your hand!

IndieSquare Wallet is the world’s first crypto wallet and DApp browser that supports both Counterparty and Ethereum blockchains.

Send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Counterparty and ERC20 tokens and enjoy them in compatible applications through the built in DApp browser. See your transaction history and managed your assets within different HD addresses.

IndieSquare Wallet encrypts user’s private keys securely in the users smartphone with the option of doubly encrypting with a password of the user’s choice. IndieSquare wallet utilizes the bip39 standard allowing you to import/recover your funds in other wallets.

IndieSquare will release specifications on our API / SDKs allowing 3rd parties to securely develop Coutnerparty and Ethereum applications for the wallet’s built in DApp browser.
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