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Ghost EMF detector is a free app to detect any paranormal activities around you.

It allows you to measure the presences of any electromagnetic field metal around you using magnetic sensor. Using this sensor it transfers the reading to a user-friendly EMF reading to let you know what is around you or not. It can be used for Ghost detection, any paranormal activity around you as well as for any source which emits electromagnetic radiations and the reading of it. If there are no electromagnetic radiations or any metal and still it shows or gives any reading then surely there is something strange around you or presence of a ghost around you.

Use this EMF detector and search for any electromagnetic field or ghost activity in your home or at any place and have fun with your friends. This EMF ghost detector is very easy and very lightweight to have. A sudden change of EMF meter is not about any ghost activity, it can be anything from an electromagnetic field or simple magnetic field. But this magnetic activity sensor can be used for ghost detection in your area. This paranormal EMF scanner is really fun to have especially with friends and family and pass your time in search of any ghost activity. This EMF meter is free and it doesn’t cost you anything at all. Search for any paranormal activity in your area and amaze your friends. Sometimes it detects electromagnetic field where there is nothing around.

This EMF detector or ghost detector is an amazing tool for people who are searching for any paranormal activities in their surroundings. If there is nothing around you, still you can detect any electromagnetic field around you using this EMF detector. As this EMF meter is a great scientific tool which can be used anywhere and without any worry because it doesn’t require any internet connection for sensing ghost activity. This EMF detector can detect the camera and mobile phones if they are even hidden. This also detects other electromagnetic devices such as microphones or hidden cameras.

Simple EMF scanners are expensive which are required by professionals but now a day mostly all phones contain magnetometer sensor which is used for measuring electromagnetic field or EMF. Paranormal investigators will love this EMF detector or ghost detector because it will be a lot easier for them to detect electromagnetic field or any paranormal activity around them and give you details on EMF meter. This EMF detector has an adjustable detection radius which can be set in the setting. This range varies from device to device, but mostly is from 100 feet to 2000 feet for ghost activity sensing.

Electromagnetic field detector is the best app if you want to detect Electromagnetic field in your surroundings. This lightweight EMF meter will be quite handy to use. When there is nothing around you can also detect lost electronic devices because they emit EMF radiations. While this is a great scientific tool to have it can also be used as fun. The EMF meter can detect Cameras and other devices. This EMF detector also enhances the privacy by detecting hidden electronic devices such as hidden cameras.

In this Electromagnetic detector, just moves your phone near the object to identify whether it has any magnetic field because this acts as magnetic field detector. The EMF sensor provides you with full meter type layout with values in the form of (uT) the unit of EMF. App can be used to observe haunted places and find where paranormal entities are present, experienced hunters can even follow their movement.

This ghost detector mostly depends on the sensor so the result may vary depending on the quality of the magnetic or ghost activity sensor used. If any phone doesn’t have a magnetic sensor then it may not detect anything. And don’t take your phone much closer to higher magnetic fields as it may damage your phone. Do download this app as you required. And let us know what you like about this app and what other options you want to see in future updates.
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