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β€’ Learn how to drive a diesel or gasoline car easily, with this manual and simple tricks.
β€’ Free test to study and approve the driving license with this driving school manual in easy videos.
β€’ Know the pedals: the one on the right is the accelerator and the pedal on the left is the brake and the right foot is used to press both pedals.
β€’ Learn to drive well with these online videos. Know the function of each part of the car and how it is used. Learn to drive from scratch, easy and fast.
β€’ Manual of questions and answers to approve the driving license online and ... learn to drive!
β€’ Learn how to drive a car with manual and automatic transmission.
β€’ Theoretical manual in driving school videos to pass the driving tests and get your driving license quickly.
β€’ Driving a car from scratch for the first time is easy knowing the rules of the road and driving techniques.
β€’ Learning to drive and getting your driving license is very easy, with these step-by-step videos.
β€’ Learn how to change lanes with ease and without fear, learn how to put on your seat belt and how to start the vehicle and release the parking brake.
β€’ Learn how to adjust vehicle mirrors and how to back up the car when parked.
β€’ Learn how to use the flashing lights, how to adjust the seat to reach the pedals easily and become familiar with them.
β€’ Learn to start the car, stop and change gears with ease.
β€’ Learn how to use the mirrors, one mirror to see through the rear window and two outside mirrors to see the sides of the vehicle.
β€’ The instrument panel tells us how much fuel the car has, how fast it is running and what the engine temperature is.
β€’ It also tells you how many revolutions the engine takes and the position of the hands on the steering wheel.
β€’ Know what the parking brake is for and that the parking brake must be disengaged before you start driving.
β€’ When the brake lever is raised, it locks the car and when the lever is lowered, the car is disengaged.
β€’ Know when to use the clutch, how the gear lever controls the car's speeds and parking properly.
β€’ Learn how to drive an automatic car in a simple way, downloading this online app.
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