Debts - Manage your debts together!

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Ever forgot who owes what to whom?

Not anymore!

See what you owe or update your friends on how much money they owe you!

If you owe or someone owes you, you simply create an entry in the App. Within seconds your friend will see the entry on his phone!

What if your friend is somehow not able to get the App? No problem. There is an offline-mode integrated in the App! So you dont forget their depts either!

• Select Multiple People To Split The Bill To.
• Note Partial Payments
• Choose A Color Scheme
• Recurring Debts (Pocket Money)
• Add A Picture Of A Bill
• Anonymous Login
• Update Yourself And Others On What You Owe Or What You Get Owed. Completly Automatic!
• Your friend doesn't has the App? No problem! Just use the provided "local" feature.
• Add pictures of bills
• Paypal integration
• Automatic backup to the cloud
• Completely free, for ever
• Intuitive, minimalistic, but powerful design
• Dark mode
• Notifications (toggleable)
• Data-Caching: Offline for a few days? No problem! We sync with the cloud, as soon as you've got an working internet connection.
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