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Smart and multifaceted Correct Spelling - Speak Correctly + Learn English, in which there is not only a translator, but also options that will allow you to learn the language faster and more efficiently.It will become a convenient assistant in the study of foreign languages, which is also always at hand.🇬🇧🇩🇪🇯🇵🇹🇷🇷🇺🇮🇹The functionality of the clever spelling checker application includes such interesting options as:👓 Fast translator👓 The game «guess the correct word»👓 Say and listen👓 Speak and read👓 Enter and listen👓 Work on mistakes Are you thinking about studying correct english spelling? Want to learn how to pronounce words and phrases correctly? Do you want to tighten up english grammar as soon as possible? But you don't have time for courses or online trainings? It doesn't matter, with the new corrector spelling you can not only translate the necessary words and sentences, but also learn to write correctly, read and express yourself correctly.Thanks to the capabilities of the correct spelling checker application, you will understand that fast English is an achievable goal.How can the word spelling application help you to learn english quickly?🤓Unlike ordinary translators, the spelling checker english app allows you to listen to the phrases you need.🔊That firstly helps to remember them faster, and secondly, it allows you to easy learn the correct pronunciation.

How it works? Enter a phrase, sentence or word into the column in the language you want and click on the player.⌨️🎧 Repeat several times behind the player for better memorization of the text.

If you are not sure of your pronunciation, but want to improve it to speak correctly, then you can enter text with your voice, and then click on the player while listening to it.⏯ If you repeat after the english grammar check application constantly, then you will not only train the correct pronunciation, but also significantly increase the speed of reading text in another language.🗣 In addition, the voice input is displayed as text, which you can copy or share with friends.👥

If you need not only to spelling right, improve reading speed and learn new words, but it is also important for you to learn to write correctly, than the speak and sea option can be useful for you. 📲Because if you use a visual memory, then the chances to learn english will increase significantly.👀🧠

It is also very important to work on mistakes in order to better consolidate knowledge. 🔡✍🏼

To make learning progress faster and not boring, we added a very informative and cool game select a misspelled word to the application.🎮 The essence of the game lies in the fact that you need to choose one of the four given words, which in your opinion is the most correct, then below you can see the result of the answer: the correct answer or the wrong one.📝🔍✅❌

🔽Download the app for free🔽, enjoy learning languages ​​with smart translator, addicting game play and correct spelling in one app.🤩
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