Chess Giraffe

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Giraffe chess is a new chess variant invented by Indian school children Nadamala Bhagya shree and Nadamala Sai Kiran Reddy in the year 2009.

It is a best draw-less game. It is played on the 68 square board. 2 jumping giraffe chess coins are added each side to the standard chessboard. Giraffes jumps 4 squares in long L shape in 3+1 or 1+3 squares. Giraffe chess game win by 3 ways 1. Checkmate, 2. Stalemate 3.Crowning. Loose by 3 ways 1. Revenge 2. Resign 3. 2 Illegal moves.

2 Mode:
Two Player
Real Time Multiplayer

It is a Two-player board game. Played on a giraffe chess board with 18 white and 18 black coins.
It consists of total 68 squares. In that 34 are black and 34 are white squares. 2 giraffes each side added to the standard chess board. Place 2 giraffes back side to the king and queen.

Checkmate win
Stop the movement of opponent king by saying check to the opponent king.

Stalemate win
Stop the movement of opponent chessmen and king by without saying check to the opponent king.

Crowning win
Who ever king reaches first opponent giraffe position is the game winner. It is called Crowning . King may reach any one one giraffe square. While moving to giraffe square King even though in check can move to giraffe place.

No draw. It is a result oriented chess variant game.

Pawn Promotion: Pawn promotion is same as chess except Giraffe promotion. If Pawn reaches opponents Giraffe’s place, then only player can replace any power including Giraffe.

Giraffe chess board consists of two jumping pieces one is Knight and another one is Giraffe.

It can move three squares horizontally and one square vertically or three squares vertically and one squares horizontally or one square vertically and three squares horizontally. So totally it jumps in long L shape with 4 squares.

By its default position each giraffe protects one side horse and on other side elephant.

Giraffes algebraic notation on the board is d0, e0 on one side and d9, e9 on other side.

English letter G represents Giraffe.
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