Chemical elements to learn

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The chemical elements of the periodic table are the basis of chemistry and without knowledge of these elements it is impossible to study chemistry.

This application allows you to study and test knowledge about chemical elements in the form of various test options:
- the number of correct answers from all questions
- various number of questions
- before the first error
- infinite number of questions
- with or without transit time
As the basis for the test, all data from the periodic table of chemical elements are taken:
- symbol
- name
- atomic mass
- arrangement of electrons at energy levels
- serial number
- number of energy levels
- group of elements
- subgroup of elements
- period
- element view
           The results of the test are saved in order of improvement in the progress table according to the criterion for the number of correct answers and the time taken.
           Thus, in the form of a competition game, it is possible to study the chemical elements of the periodic table.
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