All Coin Wallet

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The All Coin Wallet platform was developed in the mobile and Desktop versions, both with agile and precise usability.

The All Coin Wallet system was created to facilitate the purchase and sale of crypto, quickly and easily for all types of users.

The system uses three methods to negotiate the assets in the network: Purchase, Sale and Order Book.

Through these three options, users are able to buy and sell their assets instantly at the market price or at the price that the user wishes to negotiate through the Order Book.


All Coin Wallet works with the best cryptocurrencies on the market:

- Bitcoin (BTC)

- Ripple (XRP)

- Ethereum (ETH)

- Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

- Litecoin (LTC)



the user chooses the amount he wants to buy and the system executes all sales orders in the Order Book until the requested value is reached.


the user chooses the quantity he wants to sell and the system executes all purchase orders from the Order Book until the requested quantity is completed.

Book of Orders

the user sets all the parameters of the sales or purchase order that he wants to negotiate and enters a queue in order of value.

Cryptoactives bank draft and deposit

All Coin Wallet has created a method to facilitate user usability and understanding when making deposits or taking out cryptocurrencies.

To remove or deposit a cryptocurrencies, you must select the desired cryptocurrencies portfolio, select the option to withdraw or deposit and fill in the requested data.

All cryptocurrencies withdrawals on the All Coin Wallet platform require a high level of validation, so the withdrawal will only be made after validation through the authentication token and email of the operation.

In addition, ACW has a human validation process, done by a specialized team to guarantee the authenticity of the user.

Bank Draft and Deposit of the Fiduciary Coin

All Coin Wallet has developed a strict system of fiduciary currency operations so that every transaction is mapped to ensure that the account holder does not use the platform for illicit operations such as money laundering.

It is also not allowed to withdraw or deposit in accounts of third parties, thus avoiding the misuse of the platform.

The process of withdrawing and depositing the platform is also extremely simple to complete. All Coin Waller has a specialized team to ensure that withdrawals and deposits have quick validation.
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